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Vague, a tribute to the Portuguese salty sea

08 September 2022

Vague, a tribute to the Portuguese salty sea

Vague, a tribute to the Portuguese salty sea

Paris Design Week is now on!

However, for OIA Design this week has an even more special meaning. Celebrating the brand's first five years, this was the perfect motto to exclusively launch a new product.

Five years ago, the doors of M&O opened and revealed our brand to the design world. Today, the opening of Galerie Joseph’s doors presents the Vague dining table, designed by Christophe de Sousa for the OIA Collection.

Vague is much more than a dining table.

Inspired by the rebellious child of mother nature, the salty sea that bathes the Portuguese coast and runs in our DNA, Vague is a true tribute to naturally organic forms, to the embrace of sand and sea, to the salty skin of our people. Vague is an ode to Portuguese culture, literature, and gastronomy. Vague is a piece of Portuguese identity affirmation, designed to be a meeting place for families and friends.

For Christophe de Sousa, the choice of finish for this table was an easy path to find. Lioz is part of the Portuguese natural heritage, most commonly used in the architecture of national monuments, so the designer considered showing the versatility of this very rich material, in other types of applications.





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