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OIA will be present at Portugal Home Week

25 June 2019

OIA will be present at Portugal Home Week

OIA will be present at Portugal Home Week

Portugal Home Week is an international B2B event, showcasing the latest and the best in furnishing and design from Portugal that will take place on June 26th and 27th.

Portugal Home Week takes place in Porto, Portugal's second largest city. European Best Destination in 2018, it's currently one of the trendiest European cities, praised for its beauty, authenticity and vibrant life. Located in northern Portugal, Porto is also the district capital where most of the Portuguese furniture producers are located

This event integrates two fundamental spaces, namely:

Home Show: exhibition with the presence of the largest and best Portuguese companies, with special emphasis on the Furniture sector.

Home Summit: discussion forum at the highest level, which addresses the main current issues of the sector.

OIA Design will be present at Associative Design' showcase presenting a set of COSMOS Coffee Tables in Carrara marble.

Portugal Home Week

Alfândega do Porto

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