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OIA Design wins Build magazine award

20 September 2019

OIA Design wins Build magazine award

OIA Design wins Build magazine award

OIA Design was honored with the Best Furniture & Stone Objects Brand 2019 - Portugal award from BUILD magazine's Construction & Engineering Awards program.

Winners were announced today and the full listing can be found on the publication's website: https://www.build-review.com/winners/oia-design/.

2019 has been an incredible year for the brand, and even after the launch of the new online platform, this award distinguishes all the team members who daily put all their positive energy into the project.

The ever-popular Construction & Engineering Awards, launched in 2015, remains a key part of BUILD magazine’s awards program portfolio. Following a tough year, the industry is back again to do what it does best, design and build the best world around us. With sustainable solutions, greater HSE standards and regulations including ever challenging environmental considerations there are many new challenges and opportunities in this vital and ever-evolving space. The markets involved in these endeavors, and more, continue to experience growth, and this is something we aim to celebrate through this awards program.

Incorporating all variations of enterprises across the construction and engineering disciplines who thrive in this dynamic sector, the Construction & Engineering Awards engage in the process of honoring those whose work may span civil, commercial, energy, residential, industrial and infrastructure projects.

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OIA Design

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