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Next stop: Paris Design Week!

01 September 2022

Next stop: Paris Design Week!

Next stop: Paris Design Week!

Is curious, one of those who has energy in the eyes.

Careful to every detail, he lives for the moment, taste the now, and absorbs the environment that surrounds him and transforms into inspiration.

He is careful, and creative. He knows that design makes sense when it combines aesthetics with functionality, and that's why all his creations are thought to the detail. Of course, it's inevitable to recognize his DNA in every piece he designs.

He is an artist, with an unquestionable talent.

Is the new designer to join the OIA Team, and we couldn't be more excited about this partnership.

Christophe de Sousa is part of the next edition of Paris Design Week, and we’ll present his new product designed for OIA collection.


For a week, Paris will be the epicenter of design.

Under the banner of Paris Design Week, the city will host events, exhibitions, and talents from around the world, with stores, galleries, studios, and streets full of trends, inspirations and new products.

OIA could not remain indifferent to this celebration of design and will participate in the exhibition “Métamorphose” promoted by AICEP, which will take place between September 8th-17th at Galerie Joseph, right in the center of the Marais circuit.

Paris Design Week — Sept. 8th-17th

Made in Portugal naturally

Galerie Joseph  16, rue des Minimes  75003 Paris  France




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