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Milan Design Week 2022

02 June 2022

Milan Design Week 2022

Milan Design Week 2022

Promoting Portuguese talent is one of the values ​​that we highly respect here at OIA.

With this premise in mind, our collection often includes names of young national designers as well as Portuguese raw materials, which we are very proud of, are used in our pieces.

It is, therefore, as natural as the authenticity of national quality that we join the Made in Portugal naturally movement promoted by the partnership between AICEP and APIMA.
This time, OIA will be present at Tortona Design Week with the presentation of a piece produced exclusively for the event: an adaptation of the INARI console, designed by João Lopes.

Tortona Design Week is part of the Fuorisalone movement which, together with Salone del Mobile Milano, defines Milan Design Week.
From June 6th to 12th, Milan will be the heart of international design, with iSalone taking place and thousands of other events proliferating across the city in areas such as Brera Design District 2022, Milano Durini Design 2022 and Triennale di Milano.

In Tortona you can find a week dedicated to the theme "FLUIDITY AND DESIGN".
At Via Tortona, 30 will once again be the exhibition Made in Portugal naturally, whose objective is to promote national design and production among international agents and professionals.

The OIA team will also be present and will be delighted to welcome you and present you the new OIA Collection 2022 catalog.

You can schedule your meeting with an OIA representative here.


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