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It's TIME to share a good moment

03 May 2022

It's TIME to share a good moment

It's TIME to share a good moment

TIME is a dining table that invites you to take a long break, without rushing or looking at the clock, reinforcing social interaction and sharing in our daily community.

Whenever we imagine a TIME dining table in a client's home, we visualize a scenario of sharing, conviviality, and conversations where time has stopped and all that matters are the memories that are being built by everyone.

In this version, we present the TIME dining table in Calacatta Viola marble. Captured from one of the oldest quarries in Italy, Viola features traditional brecciated strokes of rich cabernet upon a white and creamy hued background. Incorporating classic white and upscale burgundy, Calacatta Viola's luxurious veining enchants the eyes and touches the heart.

The surroundings of Calacatta Viola marble, with the richness of its features, combined with the personality of Monica Braga dos Santos design make this dining table a breathtaking piece.

Meet the Designer

Monica Braga dos Santos

Monica Santos is a Porto-based design studio, founded in 2015 by the Product Designer Monica Braga dos Santos, after 15 years of experience in the sector.

The studio works within the fields of furniture, living and tabletop, and occasionally offers consultancy in creative direction and color research.

Inspired by History and its expression in arts & culture, as well as in the Japanese “sensitivity to things”, Monica creates delicate, poetic and sensorial designs, which have a life beyond their functional character.

Time and happiness are key at the studio day-to-day operations, and each object is seen as a moment in life, one to be experienced.



With this table, we have no doubt that you will want to be and enjoy life, one day at a time.


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