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Graphite: the versatility of an unpredictable marble

08 July 2022

Graphite: the versatility of an unpredictable marble

Graphite: the versatility of an unpredictable marble

Hailing from one of the oldest quarries Graphite is a medium grain gray marble with different shades and many irregular white veining.

It is precisely in its irregularity of veins that the mesmerizing strength of this natural stone resides.

For lovers of the world of decoration and interiors, it is impossible not to fall in love with Graphite marble, for the dynamism and depth it gives to products and also to larger projects.


The OIA Design Studio team had already introduced Graphite marble in the collection through pieces that make up the Cosmos series, however, it was the collaboration with the designer João Lopes that the offer in this finish grew considerably.


João Lopes is also an enthusiast of Graphite marble and has designed some pieces especially based on this material for the OIA collection. In fact, the INARI dining table and console, as well as the KORI coffee table are excellent examples of the versatility of Graphite marble.


Who is João Lopes?

Born and raised in Lisbon, João spent most of his childhood with his grandparents. His grandfather, the first designer he ever met, nurtured his love for arts and design early on, spending long afternoons together in his workshop, designing and building furniture pieces, visiting countless carpentries, metalworks, and all kinds of manufacturing facilities, all related to furniture making. From there on, the path was clear - studied Arts and graduated in Product Design at Faculdade de Arquitetura de Lisboa in 2010. His career includes creative and directing roles in some of the most notorious furniture design brands in Portugal, and now consulting and designing on his own accord.


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