OIA Design Studio
OIA Design Studio

OIA Design Studio

OIA Design Studio comprises a multidisciplinary team that complements each other in talent and creativity.


OIA's internal team is as varied as possible, having human assets from different areas of training: architecture, engineering, communication and professionals specialized in the art of working natural stone.


At OIA we believe in the concentration of synergies, ideas and in the process of "creation in a team" to bring to life well thought out and matured products that will last over time.


Signed by OIA Design Studio, you can find product ranges as diverse as the entire COSMOS series, from decorative mirrors to the dining table or consoles; including the ANTA dining table and the entire OIA Upcycle collection.


The OIA Design Studio is located at the headquarters of the main company, BARMAT, having a creative laboratory where the approaches and designs in creation are discussed and a productive laboratory for prototyping and experimentation.


The incredible fact that the entire team can participate in the creation and prototyping process allows us to have a diverse panel of opinions, making our products truly democratic.


The in-depth knowledge of natural stone, the passion for marble and the spirit of belonging makes OIA Design Studio a cohesive team, motivated and committed to creating durable, elegant and timeless product solutions so that you can live your home one day at a time.

OIA one day at a time