Daniel Duarte

Porto based Product Designer, Daniel Duarte, found his passion for design when he realized that transforming different materials and processes into new products could have a positive impact on people lives. Growing up in a tiny Portuguese town in Alentejo (Portugal), it was important towards shaping who he is. Especially, spending time with tinkering toys and everyday objects taught him to think, to question and to broaden his view of what was out there and what could be done next.

Determined to make design his way of living, he graduated from Superior School of Applied Arts of Castelo Branco in Product and Interior Design. Throughout all these years, he found a space to try and use new and forgotten materials in brand-new contexts that helped him to figure out how to create fresh and strong's concepts.

The first time he felt like a Furniture Design, was the thing he was when he moved to Northern Portugal to stay close to the industry and craftsmen. Ever since then, he didn’t stop for any moment trying to combine old and new design with fashion, visual arts and architecture to provide people the best possible furnishing experience. 

"His true fulfilling is making something that hasn't been created with processes and materials that we don't know yet"