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Award-winning Portuguese design: a timeless side table

09 May 2022

Award-winning Portuguese design: a timeless side table

Award-winning Portuguese design: a timeless side table

The Kandinsky side table is a real dream piece!

Ingeniously crafted polished stainless steel treated with PVD Gold coating combined with the finest selection of marble stone makes this table a classic, elegant and cunningly imposing product.

The Kandinsky series is quite chameleonic as it is possible to use one of these side tables in more sophisticated, traditional or irreverent environments, adapting naturally.


The Kandinsky side table round acrylic was featured internationally in 2018, bringing the team a Silver Award at the prestigious A Design Award & Competition and an Honorable Mention at the European Product Design Award.

Kandinsky tables, as well as the Sputnik dining table, are designed by the young Portuguese André Teoman.

Meet the Designer

André Teoman

André Teoman was born in Viana do Castelo, Portugal in 1989, and raised between Portugal and Istanbul. Teoman graduated in Design at Viana do Castelo.

Andre’s experience in the world of puppetry and theater had an effect on his love for the fantasy world.

In 2012, he left his hometown for Porto to start working with several luxury design furniture brands. By the end of 2014 he started his own studio, making a difference at his hometown local artisans is now as important as to make meaningful projects.

His recent work has already begun to be noticed. His statement pieces were presented at several international shows like the Salone Satellite, Tent London and at key spots like Mint Shop, London.


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